Sunday, October 26, 2003

found u at the wrong time but still wanted you to be mine.
hopelessly i chased you untill you had no choice but to be mine.
Accepted me because i was good to you but at the same time i wasnt right for you.

introduced me to everyone important to you.
that made me fall harder for you.
You put on a layer of fakeness that i couldnt see thru
played games with me because you wernt happy being with me
and you knew i wouldnt leave you

you said the butterflys never came
your the first to say i love you chris
brought me into your game
took it back a week later
said you didnt mean the words that you say
kiss my ass ryann im tired of your game
spend the night at boys house
just to tell me the next day

Your family adored me
i acted as if i was ok
by your dark feelings that drive me insane
you talked about marriage
druged me just a little bit more
boys calling you late at night
you fucking whore

i made a decision it time for me to go
i falseified my love to you
just to let you know
i had a whole in my heart
that i needed to fill
your came along
and i plastered you in
you brought me down
played with my head

act as if im dead
you will never see me again
have fun with your board game
cause there is a piece missing now
good luck with your life
thanks for tears

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